Flash Wolves Are Top Dogs: LMS Week 2 Recap

Flash Wolves assert their dominance, while J Team, ahq e-Sports Club and Hong Kong Esports look to be in the fight for second place.

Week 2 of the LMS took place this past weekend. By the end of the week, we saw Flash Wolves looking like the powerhouse they have grown to be in the region. Also, we saw J Team, ahq e-Sports Club and Hong Kong Esports looking like contenders for second, third place and fourth place.

Friday, Feb. 3th

(3-0) Flash Wolves 2-0 J Team (2-1)

(2-0) Hong Kong Esports 2-0 Wayi Spider (0-2)

Saturday, Feb. 4th

(3-0) Flash Wolves 2-0 Machi E-Sports (0-3)

(2-1) J Team 2-0 eXtreme Gamers (1-2)

Sunday, Feb. 5th

(1-1) Fire Ball 2-0 eXtreme Gamers (1-2)

(1-1) ahq e-Sports Club 2-0 Machi E-Sports (0-3) 

Current Standings: 

  1. Flash Wolves (3-0)
  2. Hong Kong Esports (2-0)
  3. J Team (2-1)
  4. ahq e-Sports Club (1-1)
  5. Fireball (1-1)
  6. eXtreme Gamers (1-2)
  7. Wayi Spider (0-2)
  8. Machi E-Sports (0-3)

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