Meet Finka and Lion, the next operators to join Rainbow 6: Siege

These Operation Chimera ops are ready to use their nanobots and "big brother" drone.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six: Siege’s next operators have been officially revealed, according to a tweet from Ubisoft today. Finka and Lion are biohazard specialists with nanobots and a “big brother” drone at their disposal, and they launch with the start of Operation Chimera this month.

Ubisoft teased both of these new operators last month. Although today’s cinematic trailer announcement revealed their identities, appearances, and icons, Ubisoft is holding off on the full details until later in the 6 Invitational, which ends on Feb. 18.

Although these operators line up with the upcoming Operation Outbreak both in timing and in theme (as Outbreak is based on a pathogen turning humans into zombies and these are biohazard ops), both Finka and Lion are part of the separate Operation Chimera. As such, when the Operation Outbreak event ends in March, these operators will remain in the game while the event’s unique game mode goes away.

Finka, who appears to be the Russian mentioned in the original teaser, will deploy her nanobots as her unique ability. The function of the nanobots has yet to be revealed, similar to the drone used by French operator Lion, which he can be heard calling “big brother” in the cinematic trailer today.

Release dates for these new operators has not yet been revealed from Ubisoft, but should be within the next few days before the invitational wraps up.