Fastest ways to make money in GTA Online

What are the best ways to earn money quickly?

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Grand Theft Auto Online is a massive world full of opportunities that players can join in on with other players or alone. The city of Los Santos offers many ways for players to earn cash and enrich their gameplay. Some methods for earning cash are better than others, so here are the fastest and most efficient ways to get rich in GTA Online.

Freemode Events and Time Trials

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These events are the best starting point for any player new to GTA Online because they are easy and available for all players to participate in which makes them an excellent way for new players to build up their money before taking on more challenging but more rewarding pursuits.

These events will occur for players in GTA Online about every 12 minutes and offer various activities players can participate in without any loading screens or other preparation. The rewards vary depending on the event, but they generally offer around $1,000 to $35,000 as a reward.

Time Trials are a special type of Freemode Event that does not occur after a certain amount of time and instead is always available for players. They are noted by purple stopwatch icons on the map of Los Santos. Time Trials are scattered all around Los Santos and offer players the opportunity to race from one location to another while trying to beat a certain time. Rewards for beating the time are around $100,000, making them a great way for players who excel at driving to quickly earn a lot of money.


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Heists can be somewhat tricky, but there is no better way to earn lots of money quickly. To perform a Heist, players must go through a series of setup missions before they can proceed with the final crime. Every Heist has some upfront fees that the Heist leader has to cover, but the money made by a successful job far offsets this. Depending on the level of difficulty and how successful the Heist team is, players can earn anywhere from around $11,000 to over $1,000,000 from just one Heist. Even after dividing this up amongst the team, the profit is huge and well worth the effort.

A player who wants to start a Heist and be the Heist leader must have a high-end apartment. These are quite expensive, so if you do not have one, you can just join someone else’s Heist as a crew member through the Quick Job menu on your phone.

The Lucky Wheel

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Located at The Diamond Casino & Resort, players can spin this wheel for free once a day after purchasing a lifetime membership to the Casino for just $500. This is a great investment because the Wheel offers many rewards, including $20,000 to $50,000. It also offers chips, which can be converted into cash at the Casino Cashier’s booth. If you don’t get cash or chips from the wheel, you will still get RP, clothing, a vehicle discount, a podium prize vehicle, or a mystery prize; the wheel never disappoints.

Special and Vehicle Cargo jobs

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Like Heists, these jobs require a few prerequisites in order to be completed. Players need to own an office, access the SecuroServ network, become the CEO of that office, and purchase a warehouse to start these jobs.

Special Cargo is the starting point and from this alone players can steadily work up to earning massive amounts of money. The amount of money will depend on the cargo, the warehouse size, and the selling price, but if all goes well players can earn around $300,000 per hour spent working on Special Cargo jobs.

Vehicle Cargo is the next step up but is much less complicated than Special Cargo. Players can fill their warehouses with stolen vehicles and sell them for a profit of around $15,000 to $80,000 per vehicle.

Organization VIP/CEO Work

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Players who are registered as a VIP or CEO can participate in special missions located in the menu under the SecuroServ network. The missions range across a wide variety of activities including stealing a vehicle, tracking down packages, and participating in a deathmatch. Rewards depend on the mission but range from around $10,000 to $35,000.

Attacking Pedestrians and Robbing Stores

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While this is definitely not the most effective way to make cash long-term, players who are new to the city and struggling with other methods can attack pedestrians to earn a few dollars usually ranging from $10 to $25. To get away with the crime, try to do this in a secluded area away from other people.

Store robberies are also fairly easy and will give players $1,000 to $3,000, but will result in a Wanted level and the cops chasing after them. Players hoping to attempt this method should have a good getaway car and either drive until the cops give up or find a place to hide from them.

Earning money in GTA Online is not easy, but the further players progress into the game the easier it becomes and the more luxuries they can afford. Climbing your way up in Los Santos is a journey that offers many avenues so be sure to explore them all because the best way to make money is utilizing a combination of all the different ways possible.