ROCCAT rising in fantasy LCS with three weeks left

The fantasy League of Legends season is quickly coming to a close, with three weeks left in the League Championship Series

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube

The fantasy League of Legends season is quickly coming to a close, with three weeks left in the League Championship Series. While most of the top performers are entrenched, a few teams are bucking the established trends.

Fnatic has emerged as a full-on powerhouse, with their players now living up to their high draft rankings, with every one of them top four at their positions for the season.

But the real opportunity is ROCCAT, whose players may still be sitting on waivers in most fantasy leagues. ROCCAT isn’t just rising in the league standings, they’re rocking the fantasy rankings too, bucking many trends established through most of the season. Usually their games are slow-paced and low-scoring. Teams don’t often put up points against Alliance or SK Gaming. But ROCCAT managed to rank their entire team in the top three in their positions this week by obliterating the tough competition.

Weekly Results

ROCCAT ranked in the top three at every position this week. But while ROCCAT destroyed the standings, the real fantasy MVP for the week was Millenium top laner Kevin “Kev1n” Rubiszewski, who put up a ridiculous 59.93 points, the top number in the league. That topped the second ranked topper Marcin “Xaxus” Mączka by over 20 points. In two games on Aatrox, Kev1n put up a 8/6/25 KDA line, big numbers in a normally low scoring role.

Also outpacing his position was ROCCAT support Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan, whose 52.96 points as a support were ten points higher than the next player.

Cracking the top lists for some of the first times this season was Curse Gaming, largely thanks to playing the longest match in the history of the LCS, an hour and 20 minute affair against Complexity. While Curse also had a strong Super Week, it’s hard to expect more strong fantasy performances in the context of their season.

Season Rankings

The top teams in fantasy continue to be Fnatic, LMQ, Millenium, and Team SoloMid. Fnatic and LMQ have all five players ranked in the top at their positions, even Fnatic jungler Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen, often overlooked as playing a more supportive style, and LMQ’s support Zhang “Mor” Hong-Wei, who lacks the hype of his carry teammates.

Surprisingly, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, perhaps the top fantasy player last season, is the only SoloMid member outside his position’s top five.

The player taking Bjergsen’s mid lane crown is Adrian “Kerp” Wetekam, who posted another week at the top of the league in his position with 55.89 points, continuing his reign as the top mid laner for the season with 21.73 Points Per Game (PPG).

Who to Start

ROCCAT has been fantasy useful since their resurgence, but all winning streaks come to an end eventually, and in fantasy, if you buy after a team’s hot, it’s usually already too late.

This week, they’re up against Supa Hot Crew (16.1 Points Allowed Per Position) and Millenium (16.7 PAPP). That’s a slightly above average schedule, but ROCCAT still isn’t a fantasy. The team definitely needs to be rostered, but starting them over many other options, especially in the smaller league sizes, is risky at this point.

Fnatic has the easiest fantasy schedule of the season with Copenhagen Wolves (20.92 PAPP) and Gambit Gaming (20.02 PAPP) on the schedule. Wolves is using a few substitutes and sometimes that causes teams to play a bit more passively, but Fnatic still have the opportunity to rack up tons of points.

Right now Millenium may top most of the positional rankings, but with ROCCAT (13.46 PAPP) and SK Gaming (14.45 PAPP) on the schedule it may be hard to start them if you have another solid option.

In the North American region, the teams are so close it’s hard to find fantasy gold.

Team SoloMid has a great schedule, with two teams who like to play high kill games, LMQ (16.47 PAPP) and Complexity (19.68 PAPP). But then you were starting your SoloMid players anyway.

Cloud9 has Complexity (19.68 PAPP) on the schedule, but they’ve lost their last two against Complexity and don’t post huge totals in wins this season. They also have Curse Gaming (15.58 PAPP), so it’ll be hard to keep them out of your lineup.

Expect another huge week from Counter Logic Gaming’s bottom lane, as LMQ gives up a lot of points to enemy marksmen.