Fans will get more news about Skate 4 tomorrow

Tune into the Skate YouTube channel.

Image via EA

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting more news on Skate 4 will be getting their wishes granted tomorrow: The team behind Skate. has announced a broadcast called ‘The Board Room’ will premiere on its YouTube channel at 9am PST on July 14.

Right now it isn’t clear what will be shown during this broadcast, but it will include “more about Skate. from the Full Circle Team”. The last fans saw of the game was a very early version from the building process of the game which was shared on YouTube in a clip called “Still working on it”.

Skate 4 is currently undergoing a playtest giving chosen fans the ability to check out the game in its current state. No videos or images are allowed to be shared from this test so any that have been posted online have been promptly removed.

Earlier this week, EA released a statement after an early build of the game was distributed online explaining that this version of the game was not meant for external use and comes from back in Sept. 2021.

If you’re eager to get in on the Skate 4 action, you can apply for the playtest which is currently ongoing. This can be done on the playtesting website here, however, there is no guarantee you’ll be accepted to try it out.

Meanwhile, make sure to tune into the new broadcast headed to the YouTube channel on July 14. This can be found using the embedded link above.