Hentai site Fakku gets into esports sponsorship

YouPorn's esports team better watch out.

Image via Fakku

YouPorn’s esports team better watch out. There’s another adult site jumping into esports: hentai website Fakku.

As the popularity of competitive Super Smash Bros. continues to grow, so do sponsorship opportunities. Last week, the Daily Dot reported that Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman had found a new sponsor in Cognitive Gaming. Now Smash player Adam “Coastward” Hermosa is making a partnership with Fakku, certainly something of an unconventional sponsor.

Fakku happens to be one of the largest hentai—sexual-themed anime and manga—websites in the world, hosting fan translations as well as a storefront selling physical manga and other merchandise. The site is also known for having a large and very active community.

We reached out to Hermosa to figure out how exactly this all happened. “One day I just tweeted them asking them to sponsor me as a joke,” said Hermosa. “But after they favourited that initial tweet, I kept on pushing to actually getting sponsored by them just to see if I could make it possible.” It seemed that his efforts paid off, because on April 21, Fakku replied.

@coastward Yes. We’ll sponsor you <3

— FAKKU (@FAKKU) April 22, 2015

Fakku’s founder, Jacob Grady, told us “we’re definitely all about supporting players we think are awesome” but “we’re not making a giant move into the e-sports scene or anything like that.”

We asked Hermosa if he could divulge the exact details of his contract, but he said there’s “no contract.” Grady, he said, was “really relaxed so we agreed on mutual terms ands requirements and that was that.”

But, what do these mutual terms include? Hermosa wasn’t able to divulge full details just yet, but said he would be “producing more content on YouTube and Twitch associated with FAKKU” There are also a few more details he’s “holding out on” and will save those announcements for the future. “A lot is going to happen in the next coming months” Hermosa stated.

Grady tells us that he’s been a “huge gamer” since childhood. “I’m all about supporting things that I like.” With Fakku, Grady had “an opportunity to help out some players that are trying to do what they love.” He says supporting passionate people is “what it’s all about.”

This isn’t the first sponsorship from Fakku either, it currently supports Yoshi’s Island and Jet Set Radio speedrunner Mychal “Trihex” Jefferson.