Idra returns to Evil Geniuses for Heroes of the Storm

Evil Geniuses’ most infamous player is back

Screengrab via Evil Geniuses/YouTube

Evil Geniuses’ most infamous player is back.

Greg “IdrA” Fields will don the iconic blue jersey yet again, but this time he won’t be playing StarCraft 2. He’ll be leading the organizations’ new Heroes of the Storm team.

Blizzard is hosting the first ever official tournament for their upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game at BlizzCon this weekend, and Evil Geniuses will be one of four teams invited to the tournament.

Unlike Fnatic, Cloud9, and Team Liquid, who essentially put together teams based around big name players from other games, such as Johan “NaNiwa” Lucchesi and Christopher “Zuna” Buechter, Evil Geniuses picked up an actual Heroes of the Storm team.

Fields’ team played under the name Snowflake and ranked as one of the two best teams in the esports scene blossoming out of the game’s technical alpha.

Fielding an actual team of players makes sense for Evil Geniuses—they’ll be one step ahead of the competition at BlizzCon. Plus, they get to bring back one of their most popular and controversial stars, along with Jacob “LzGamer” Winstead, another former Evil Geniues StarCraft player. Rounding out the roster are Heroes of the Storm fanatics John “Chillatech” Peacock, Guillaume “Keylax” Ouellet, and Kayla “Faye” Murray.

Fields and Evil Geniuses released a video outlining his relationship with the new game and how he’s turned a new leaf attitude-wise. Fields can’t afford to pull some of his previous antics in a team game, where your attitude can affect your teammates’ performance.

Major organization picking up teams so early in a game’s life cycle, before it’s even available to the public, seems like a risky proposition.

“Everyone knows [Heroes of the Storm] is going to be an esport,” said Fields. “It’s kind of a matter of scale at this point.”