Everything to know about Zenless Zone Zero Beta sign up, release date, & more

A potential banger in the making.

Image via miHoYo

Revealed on May 13, Zenless Zone Zero captured a decent level of hype. Considering the game’s being developed by miHoYo, the creator of Genshin Impact, the expectations are already high.

Unlike Genshin Impact, Zenless Zone Zero features more roguelike elements. The ARPG also came out swinging with its reveal since it already has a beta test lined up, allowing fans to get an early taste of what miHoYo has been cooking.

How to sign up for Zenless Zone Zero’s beta

Players looking to join Zenless Zone Zero’s beta will need to navigate to its official website and perform the following steps.

  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Fill out the survey with your details
  • Wait for a beta invite

Submitting the form won’t guarantee you a spot in the beta. Players for betas of this caliber are often picked randomly, meaning you’ll need to get lucky to get in.

When is Zenless Zone Zero’s beta?

Though the sign ups for the beta are open, the beta itself doesn’t have a set kickoff date, yet. The developer hasn’t revealed its plan for the beta period, and more details should come out in the upcoming months.

What platforms will Zenless Zone Zero support?

Zenless Zone Zero will be available on PC and iOS devices upon its release. Most miHoYo games make their debut on other platforms, usually after some time from their launch. With iOS getting a day-one release, an Android version could also follow up shortly after the release.

What is Zenless Zone Zero’s release date?

At the time of writing, Zenless Zone Zero doesn’t have a set release date. The game’s still under development, and there are likely to be multiple beta tests before the developers announce the release date for Zenless Zone Zero’s full release.