EsportsWikis Launches Rocket League Wiki

EsportsWikis is proud to announce the launch of their Rocket League Wiki.

EsportsWikis is excited to announce their expansioninto Rocket League. Below is Megan “River” Cutrofello’s statementon the launch:

When we launched EsportsWikis afew weeks ago, we said our goal was not to just continue what wehad been doing for the past two years, but to expand it. Now, weare extremely excited to announce our first new expansion intoRocket League.

You can check out the new RocketLeague wiki here, and you can follow the new Twitteraccount here.

Thanks to the knowledge of Blake”CloudFuel,” Handel “Hanz0,” and Chris “QuestFerret,” as well asthe efforts of several volunteers both from our existing wikis andthe Rocket League community, this wiki has almost 700 contentpages and a wealth ofinformation about competitive Rocket League, and we will only growfrom here.

We are a community project, andthat means that we cannot reach our full potential without you, thecommunity. See a typo? Make an account and fix it. Want to write abiography for your favorite player? Make an account and fixit.

If you want to become a regularcontributor and join the EsportsWikis staff chat, send in anapplication here. We cannot wait to work with you.

Are you excited for the launchof the new Rocket League wiki? Let us know by commenting below ortweeting us @GAMURScom.