ESN Daily Brief – Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This is your eSportsNation Daily Brief for Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This is your eSportsNation Daily Brief for Wednesday, March 11, 2015

 The Lead

Three Things You Need to Know

TCM Buys Aware Gaming’s League Spot

TJHaly Joins eLevate

Ali-A Hits One Million Twitter Followers



MLG Season Two

Standings After Tuesday’s Matches


Tonight’s Schedule

7:00 PM EST Set

  • OpTic Nation vs. Automatic Reload
  • Denial eSports vs. Team JusTus
  • OpTic Gaming vs. Team EnVyUs
  • FaZe vs. Prophecy

8:30 PM EST Set

  • Automatic Reload vs. OpTic Gaming
  • Prophecy vs. Denial eSports
  • Team EnVyUs vs. OpTic Nation
  • Team JusTus vs. FaZe


 Results From Tuesday

7:00 PM Set

  • FaZe 3-1 Team Kaliber
  • OpTic Gaming 3-0 Denial eSports
  • Rise Nation 3-2 Automatic Reload
  • eLevate 3-1 TEam EnVyUs

8:30 PM Set

  •  Automatic Reload 3-1 Team Kaliber
  • Rise Nation 3-1 Team EnVyUs
  • FaZe 3-2 OpTic Gaming
  • Denial eSports 3-2 eLevate


Events & Tournaments

  • Season One Playoffs Winner: OpTic Gaming
  • CoD Champs EU Regional Winner: Epsilon eSports
  • CoD Champs NA Regional Winner: OpTic Gaming
  • Call of Duty Championships March 27-29 Los Angeles, CA, USA

On The Site – Call of Duty


TCM Gaming, a professional Call of Duty team based in Europe, has just recently purchased the Season 2 MLG Pro League spot from Aware Gaming and will be moving to the US to play matches.



It was announced today that Drift, a map from the Havoc DLC pack, will be added to the map rotation for the Call of Duty Championships in about two weeks.



Today though, they have announced the details of their first ever open event.


finalplacings_1024 (2)

Call of Duty Championship North American Regional Placings



We officially know the fourteen teams heading to the championship at the end of March.



Halo Championship Series Rundown

Final Placings

Events & Tournaments 

  • Gamers for Giving 2015 Platinum LAN Winner: Evil Geniuses
  • Halo Championship Series Season One Finals Winner: Evil Geniuses



Events & Tournaments

  • ESL One Katowice March 12-15 Katowice, Poland

On The Site


In a recent announcement by Major League Gaming, a partnership agreement for exclusive broadcasting rights between MLG.TV and CEVO has been completed.


valvesource2_1024 (1)

 Valve announced the release of their newest engine which will be more powerful than the source engine previously released



Valve has released an update for CS:GO which is centred around spectators



…the groups for the tournament have been announced in preparation of the massive $250,000 event.



The ESL One Team Stickers are available for purchase