ESL Launching Esports Hall of Fame

Esports giant ESL announced yesterday that they have plans to operate a digital "esports hall of fame".

Esports giant ESL announced yesterday that they have plans to operate a digital “esports hall of fame”.  Although maintained by the popular tournament organizer, they have committed to using a panel of well-known and respected members of the industry for their selection process. This includes analysts, writers, coaches, players and other possible experts. We’ll find out the first inductees at ESL One: Cologne, taking place from July 8th to the 10th. As this is being announced at a Counter-Strike event, the first inductees will reflect as such.

The new project’s website can be found here, although there isn’t much to see quite yet. 

Despite ESL’s commitments to staying as non-partisan as possible, there is still clear opportunity for bias to present itself. Although it might not be intentional, there’s a strong chance that the hall will reflect games that have always had a place at ESL events, rather than reflecting the esports community as a whole. The endeavour might also be for an ulterior motive, such as garnering support with specific organizations or individuals. As the past has shown, they might have their hands full dealing with the so-called “esports unions” that have arisen to further the agendas of organizations. This may work as a method to smooth things over and appease them.

The biggest problem that presents itself, however, is the legitimacy of the whole operation. Depending on who ESL employs as their “experts”, the hall can take a very different shape and form. The most apparent worry on this front is whether or not they’ll keep it ‘in the family’ and focus only on utilizing the opinions of those close to the organization instead of listening to the industry at large.

A hall of fame has been something that various esports community members have looked forward to for a long time. Hopefully ESL will be able to deliver and create the best experience possible to honour the legends of esports.

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