Elden Ring’s PC controller issue fixed in Patch 1.02.3

The new update should remedy any problems players were having connecting controllers.

Elden Ring Spec List
Image via FromSoftware

Since its launch, Elden Ring on PC has been facing issues with some controllers which weren’t allowing them to be used with the game. A week after the FromSoftware title’s launch, a fix has now been rolled out.

In a post to the game’s social media page, it was announced Patch 1.02.3 is now available to download on PC. The devs say this patch will “fix the problem in which controllers connected to the PC were not recognized under certain circumstances.”

The post also urges players who are continuing to have this issue to verify their game files using the Steam client. Instructions on this can be found here.

Before this patch, there were some ways users had been able to get things working despite the issue, but now hopefully these methods won’t be necessary.

Patch 1.02.3 is the latest update for players on PC following patch 1.02.2 for all devices earlier this week. In this update, PC users saw issues with performance remedied and PS5 gamers got a fix for saving progress.

A week after its launch Elden Ring remains one of the most popular titles in streaming and continues to sell well around the globe on all platforms. The game’s streaming numbers may be set to decline soon, however, as many of Twitch and YouTube’s biggest stars begin to complete their adventures in the Lands Between.

If you’ve yet to try out Elden Ring, the popular FromSoftware game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC digitally and physically now.