Elden Ring tops Steam’s most wishlisted games, beats Dying Light 2

Is anyone really surprised?

Image via FromSoftware

For more than 12 months, Dying Light 2 remained the most wishlisted title on Steam. However, that streak has now been broken by one of the most anticipated games of the last five years—Elden Ring.

FromSoftware’s latest action RPG, set in an open world with its narrative crafted by Hidetaka Miyazaki and A Song of Ice and Fire‘s George R.R. Martin, is just around the corner. Ahead of its Feb. 25 release, fans have added the game to their Steam wishlists in droves, as spotted by Eurogamer.

At the time of writing, according to SteamDB, more than any other title eager players have added the game to their wishlists, beating out other highly anticipated games like Party Animals, God of War, and Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Elden Ring is set to bring FromSoftware fans the same classic formula they love from previous titles like Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne. This time, it will be kicked into a massive open-world setting where players can explore and find new challenges rather than be sent down a somewhat linear path to their next big test.

With its release date right around the corner, fans can check the game out for themselves on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles on Feb. 25 barring any delays.