Elden Ring survival mod introduces hunger, diseases, and darker nights

Check out this mod if you need an extra challenge.

Image via FromSoftware

A new Elden Ring Survival Mode mod adds new mechanics like hunger, deadly regional diseases, and darker nights. 

As reported by Eurogamer, a new Elden Ring mod developed by Grimrukh adds a few new mechanics for players looking for an extra challenge. The new Survival mode requires players to deal with hunger and thirst, new “region-specific diseases,” and “truly dark nights” that make torches or lanterns a requirement. 

Hunger can be dealt with by crafting new food items. A new “Seared Steak” item removes hunger and can be crafted with a Sliver of Meat and a Smoldering Butterfly. These items are plentiful throughout the Lands Between, but your hunger can creep up on you if you’re not careful. 

The new diseases, like the “Plague of Limegrave,” are inflicted by enemies and make it harder to survive. For example, this disease accelerates the effects of thirst and hunger, requiring players to deal with the effects more often. You can also craft cures for the disease, which are new items you’ll need to keep in stock before venturing into each area. 

The mod also makes the nighttime even more dangerous by making it considerably darker. Players cannot see further than a few feet in front of them, even if holding a torch or lantern. Enemies can easily catch you off-guard, and you must be careful as you travel between locations. 

The new Survival Mode mod is releasing later tonight after its premiere by streamer Lobosjr.