Elden Ring player perfects mech suit build

Madness reaching critical levels.

Image via From Software

Elden Ring player and YouTube content creator Adam Barker recently flaunted his nearly unstoppable mech suit build, terrorizing fellow players in PvP.

Barker’s YouTube video featured a short tutorial on the items necessary to fully realize this chaotic build. First, he uses the Ironjar Aromatic consumable, which turns the player’s body into steel. Then, Barker uses Cerulean Hidden Tear and the Crimsonwhorl Bubble Tear to massively upgrade his available FP and health.

After combining these three key components, Barker unleashes a spam of Unendurable Frenzy. This incantation releases a volley of flames out of the player’s head, utterly decimating anything that stands before it. Shooting flames out of a metallic knight, it’s easy to see why Barker dubbed this the “mech build.”

In a montage wherein the Elden Ring aficionado destroyed both players and major bosses, Barker showed off the potential of this niche build. Negating most incoming damage and reducing countless enemy health bars to zero, the only thing Barker seemed to worry about was his madness meter from using the Unendurable Frenzy incantation.

Though this is an impressive and certainly unique display, the build was ultimately proven fallible when Barker eventually fell in a three-vs-one skirmish. The Ironjar Aromatic consumable, though blocking a significant amount of damage, ultimately renders the user mostly immobile and impends players’ abilities to run or roll.

With Elden Ring now over a month old, players have begun to experiment and discover increasingly absurd and strangely effective builds. With some instruction on how to create your own Elden Ring mech, players can now try out this playstyle for themselves.