Elden Ring Patch 1.04 focuses on Sorcery and Weapon Skills adjustments

A few dozen changes are now available to download.

Image via FromSoftware

FromSoftware has revealed that a new patch has been added to Elden Ring. Patch 1.04 focuses on readjusting elements of gameplay, mainly Sorcery and Incantation spells, as well as fixes for a dozen bugs.

The game developers also haven’t forgotten about adding new content to the game. And while Patch 1.04 doesn’t bring many fresh elements, from now on players will be able to turn on and off the camera auto-rotate. Additionally, “some event phases for the NPC Patches,” have been added.

It’s clear that the devs have focused on balancing a couple of elements of gameplay, mainly the damage of certain weapons. Colossal Sword, Colossal Weapons, and other Great Weapons have been buffed, while others, like scaling from spells and incantations of Albinauric Staff and Dragon Communion Seal have been nerfed. At the same time, FP and Stamina growth has been increased in the first levels of the game.

And, since we touched on the topic of Incantations and spells, that’s a feature in Elden Ring that has been modified by the game developers quite a bit. A few dozen weapons, skills, and incantations have been either buffed, nerfed, or readjusted. The same goes for plenty of Weapon Skills, many of whose cast speed has been changed.

Naturally, several bug fixes also went live in the game. You can find the full list of changes added in Elden Ring Patch 1.04 here.