Elden Ring mods add easy and hard modes to help change the experience

Consider these options for adjusting Elden Ring's difficulty.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring players can adjust their gameplay by enabling easy mode or hard mode mods, making it more accessible or difficult based on their preferences. 

It’s no secret Elden Ring is a challenging game, requiring players to learn and adjust their playstyles to survive. Soulbourne veterans are accustomed to the deadly bosses and enemies, but newcomers received a bit of a shock when loading into the game. New mods allow players to adjust their difficulty settings, including making the game much harder. 

As reported by PC Gamer, Easy Mode for Elden Ring and Prepare To Die (Hard Mode) are both available for download on Nexus Mods. The Easy Mode mod reduces enemy damage by 50 percent while increasing player damage by 25 percent. Players also receive 10 times more runes, making it easier to level up or buy items from merchants. 

The Prepare To Die mod does the exact opposite and was created in response to the new Easy Mode mods. This mod adjusts enemy damage, defense, and resistances to new game plus settings, making them much more difficult in the first playthrough. Player stats also stay the same, meaning you’ll be at a disadvantage the entire time. Enemy AI has been improved too, making it harder to use stealth. Only 10 percent of enemy AI have changed at time of writing, but more changes are coming soon. The hard mode also only allows players to teleport from churches and cathedrals, significantly hindering the fast travel feature. 

Installing either mod will take a bit of work, so make sure you follow the steps on Nexus Mods to avoid ruining your game or save files.