Elden Ring is getting a fan-made Game Boy demake

It would be lovely to die in this world of limited colors.

Image via FromSoftware

Streamer ShintendoTV revealed in a post on the Elden Ring subreddit that he’s working on a playable version of Elden Ring with Game Boy-style graphics. 

The video shows a bit of what players can expect from this demake. The entire process will be broadcast on his Twitch channel, but he will also post updates on his YouTube channel for those who can’t watch him live.

The streamer is unsure about how much of the original game he will recreate, but he said he will complete at least the initial opening area of Limgrave by the end of May.

The project is being developed in GB Studio 3.0, a software that’s still undergoing improvement and, according to Shintendo, is “really impressive.” The software is being designed to work on real hardware, like Analogue Pocket, which already got partnered with GB Studio.

Even with these software limitations, Shintendo was able to already create a playable version in which it’s possible to do the characteristic dodge roll of the Souls games and to see the sadly common “You Died” text on-screen.

It seems like he has plans to launch a demo at the end of May for all players who want to try this demake. Either way, you can stay up to date with the project by following Shintendo’s Twitch and YouTube channels.