EA server issues lock players out of online play

This is the second wave of server issues to hit the service in less than 24 hours.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

EA’s servers have been hit with connection issues for the second time in less than 24 hours.

Players have been locked out of online play today due to server issues on EA’s end. Attempts to log into the Origin client force it to run in offline mode and deny connection to the services.

“We’re currently looking into the issues affecting our services,” EA said. “If you can’t play online, access Origin or EA Help, we’re on it.”

Players who run the Origin client are greeted with an error message that “online login is currently unavailable.” Proceeding with the login forces players into offline mode and displays a warning. “Origin encountered an issue loading this page,” the message reads. “Please try reloading it—if that doesn’t work, restart the client or try again later.”

This isn’t the first occurrence of connectivity issues with EA servers in the last 24 hours. EA Help reported another wave of issues earlier today, but the company solved the problems in less than an hour. The issues made a comeback approximately five hours later, however.

Several of EA’s titles are suffering from the outage. FIFA 2020 temporarily disabled FUT and VOLTA FOOTBALL match creation in light of the issues and Apex Legends players who try to boot the game on consoles will get an Error 100 message due to connection issues. PC players won’t be able to run the game due to interference with Origin services.

EA isn’t the only company that struggled with connection issues. Last night, Blizzard Entertainment suffered a DDoS attack but took care of the problem in less than an hour.

Update April 14 8:47pm CT: EA confirmed it was the target of “a series of DDoS attacks” which caused the connection issues. The problems have since been resolved.


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