EA and DICE provide in-depth look at 3 Battlefield 2042 maps available at launch

These three maps look intense and exciting.

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042 fans can take a closer look at three of the game’s maps—Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded—in an exciting gameplay video released today. 

Battlefield 2042 is confirmed to have seven new maps at launch and fans got to experience Orbital during the open betas. While screengrabs and clips from the other maps have appeared in trailers, a detailed look at what they offer wasn’t available. But a new trailer today gives fans a closer look at Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded. 

Renewal takes place in the Egyptian desert and features two drastically different landscapes separated by a wall. On one side is a research facility with a beautiful environment teeming with life, while a barren desert is on the other side of the wall. Players can fight across either region and will often clash in the chokepoint connecting the two areas. This map is also suited for close-quarters combat since buildings are located in each distinct area. 

Breakaway is located in Antarctica and features one of the most exciting landscapes. Players can fight along ice cliffs and in an outlook station that towers above the rest of the map. They can also parachute down toward an offshore platform and frozen coastline or use the various zip lines to maneuver around the area. 

Discarded was the final map shown in the trailer and takes place in a flooded village on India’s west coast. This map features a massive beached ship and several buildings in the surrounding area. Players can expect intense gunfights as they maneuver between cover and must constantly look out for aerial vehicles. 

All three maps will be available when Battlefield 2042 launches on Nov. 19.