Distortion2 finished an Elden Ring speedrun in under 29 minutes

It didn't take long for runners to tear the game apart.

Image via FromSoftware

The latest chapter in Elden Ring’s speedrunner saga has been written by Distortion2, who has beaten the epic action RPG in under 29 minutes.

Distortion2’s most recent any percent run saw him complete the game in 28:59, shaving off nearly five minutes from his previous best, which was set less than one day prior. The speedrunning grind has been real for Elden Ring players since the game was released.

The full speedrun can be found on YouTube, where Distortion2 posts the best of his runs from his marathon stream sessions on Twitch. He, and many other speedrunners, have already begun to pick apart the recent release.

The Elden Ring directory on Twitch is now dominated by speedrunners, which is no surprise for a FromSoftware title. Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne have lived on for years thanks to the speedrunning and PvP communities.

Non-speedrunners have very different experiences with Elden Ring, for obvious reasons. A normal playthrough of the game on a first attempt routinely takes upwards of 100 hours for most, so to complete the game in 30 minutes, even with skips and glitches, is an impressive feat.

It seems like it’s only a matter of time before Distortion2’s current record is surpassed, however, and it could even be Distortion2 himself who does it as he continues to try and optimize the run.