Cyberpunk 2077 fans find secret message on exclusive Xbox One X

The message is a nice thank you from the developers.

Image via Nvidia

Fans who ordered the official Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X bundle discovered a hidden message on the console that is only visible with a UV light. 

Players found the words Uniform, Victor, Mike, and Echo on the back of the console. These words are part of the NATO alphabet which represent their corresponding letters of the alphabet. Players realized the words spelled out “UVME” and decided to shine an ultraviolet light to see if there was any hidden message on the console. 

Reddit user Eversman037 shined an ultraviolet pen on the area and discovered a large hidden message across the side of the console. The secret message did not have any hidden content or tie into the game itself, but was a nice sign of gratitude from the developers at CD Projekt Red. 

“There is indeed a hidden message but I think it’s better than something for the ARG,” Eversman037 said. “It reads: many languages, one message.”

The rest of the message is the phrase thank you in 15 different languages which will all be available when the game launches. 

Some fans were upset that the hidden message was not some sort of ARG that tied into the game, but this would’ve likely received criticism for only being available to players who own the exclusive console. The hidden message is still a nice sign of gratitude from the developers to their fans.