Cult of the Lamb’s resource collections focuses a lot on poop

Everything has a purpose in Cult of the Lamb.

Image via Devolver Digital

There were several games introduced at the PlayStation Indies showcase, with one of the standouts being Cult of the Lamb. This new cult-management simulator will have players take on the role of cult leader and create a self-sustaining commune of people who follow them. During the PlayStation Indies showcase, more info about Cult of the Lamb was revealed.

The main feature of this showcase seems to include the integral role that poop plays in the game. Players will be in charge of an ever-growing group of followers, which means feeding and cleaning up after them. Well if you’re feeding animals, nature will take its course and there will eventually be a mess to clean up. In the beginning, it will be up to the player to clean up after their followers.

Once the player gets a more established settlement, they will be able to delegate the responsibility to different followers. Players will also be able to avoid poop on the floor by building outhouses that give the animals some privacy and a place to do their business. While this will help cause less of a mess and keep your villagers healthy, you’ll be missing out on the other uses for poop in this game.

In Cult of the Lamb, poop is a resource like any other, with its own uses. Players will be able to use it as fertilizer to grow extra crops or even attempt to add it to some of their more adventurous culinary recipes.

However players decide to use it, it’s clear that poop will be a major part of the crafting and resource collection system in Cult of the Lamb.