Company of Heroes 3 introduces new mechanics like tank riding, vehicle towing, and more

The upcoming title should be a breath of fresh air.

Image via SEGA

Company of Heroes 3 is introducing several new mechanics to improve the overall experience, like tank riding, vehicle towing, a dynamic campaign map, and other exciting updates.

Towing vehicles is now an option in Company of Heroes, allowing players to use two heavy support weapons or vehicles as needed. Sometimes you need a heavy weapon to move with you as you advance through the battlefield, and towing them is the perfect way to always have them available. 

Infantry units can now ride on tanks, allowing them to remain with the powerful vehicles and quickly move around the battlefield. Certain vehicles can now be recovered with special support vehicles, meaning destroyed vehicles can be brought back to life, creating a new way to get support on the battlefield. 

Fans can enjoy the new Afrika Korps faction, introducing a mobile force that can devastate enemies with quick and powerful attacks. This new faction maintains a strong early-game presence and can be transformed into a powerful mechanized force as the game progresses. 

Players can also enjoy the new Full Tactical Pause feature, freezing the game and giving you time to issue orders. You can issue multiple orders while the game is paused, which will activate once the game resumes. This is an excellent new feature for new players learning the ropes or veteran players diving back in. 

Company of Heroes 3 will include several other new features, like unit buffs that can be selected over time, a dynamic campaign map, and improved classic mechanics for a refreshing experience. The new North African campaign also allows players to experience a new story and cinematic adventure for the first time in the series. 

Company of Heroes 3 will be released in November 2022.