Cliodhna and more go live tomorrow with Smite Patch 8.10

The Banshee Queen is on her way.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

If you’re craving a new deity, then it’s almost time to head back to the Battleground of the Gods.

Starting tomorrow, Smite players will be able to assume the role of Cliodhna, the Queen of the Banshees.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The Banshee Queen will go live alongside the above skin, Deadly Doll Cliodhna. She’ll also have a standard recolor, as well as a series of standard mastery skins. Deadly Doll Cliodhna will only be available through the Halloween chest. That means you’ll have to press your luck by rolling on what are essentially themed loot boxes if you want to get it.

Cliodhna isn’t the only thing going live with tomorrow’s Smite update, however. You’ll also be able to obtain two new skins through the Perilous Seas Odyssey, as well as six new skins through the Reaping event. The skins coming with Perilous Seas are C.A.T Force Hercules and Cosmic Fortune Ganesha. If you already purchased the Odyssey as a whole, you’ll automatically get both of these skins for free.

The skins coming with the Reaping include Beast Seer Artio, Halloween Hysteria Baron Samedi, Wise Guy Cupid, Screamy Chibi Izanami, Crimson Steel Areas, and Omniscient Oracle Zeus.

Something else coming with tomorrow’s update will be noticeable as soon as you head into a game of Conquest. The game map will have an artistic rework reflecting the current season. That means when you head into Conquest tomorrow, you can expect to see snow and ice everywhere. This iteration of the map will be referred to as the Winter Dreadwoods.

As is the case with any major patch, The Queen of the Banshee update will also introduce a plethora of small balance changes. You can check out the official patch notes to see everything you can expect from tomorrow’s Smite update.