Chibi Thanatos skin debuts through Smite’s Talons of Tyranny event

Thanatos mains, rejoice.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Smite’s Talons of Tyranny event just introduced what’s arguably one of the most heavily desired skins since the game’s inception.

Chibi Thanatos has arrived.

Thanatos is one of the most popular jungle champions in all of Smite, so it only makes sense that he’d join the most popular skin line. Thanks to the Talons of Tyranny event, Chibi Thanatos is now a reality. But the way in which you have to obtain Chibi Thanatos is kind of a pain.

Chibi Thanatos is the chapter reward for the first chapter of the Talons of Tyranny. Right now, there are only two ways to obtain Chibi Thanatos. The most expensive route is to buy the entire Talons of Tyranny collection. This will cost you 7,680 Gems but includes all 31 event items, current and yet to be released. Your best bet, if you go with this option, is to drop $64.99 on the 8,000 gem bundle.

If you’re not looking to break the bank, there’s another way to obtain Chibi Thanatos. You’ll have to buy Sand Dune Treasure Chest rolls for a chance at an existing Talons of Tyranny skin. These rolls cost 320 gems a pop and you’ll need to perform six of them to unlock Chibi Thanatos. You’ll be unlocking other cool skins in the meantime, but it’s still a bit pricey if your only desire is Chibi Thanatos.

You can check out Chibi Thanatos and all of the skins available thus far with Talons of Tyranny in Smite right now.