Cave Moss Location in Elden Ring: How to find and use Cave Moss

Don't leave this valuable resource behind.

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Cave Moss is an essential resource in Elden Ring needed to craft useful and potentially life-saving items. Several enemies throughout the Lands Between deal poison damage, and some toxic areas also slowly increase the poison meter. Having the proper consumables to deal with these issues is important, and knowing where to stock up on Cave Mass is half the battle. 

Like its name suggest, Cave Moss can be found in several caves throughout the Lands Between. Two of the easiest spots to find it are the Coastal Cave and Groveside Cave in Limegrave. You most likely won’t encounter poisonous enemies for the first few hours, but having sufficient stock of Cave Moss will prepare you for future battles. 

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You can also spend a bit of time farming Cave Moss if you want to avoid circling back for it later. Each cave has a site of grace near its entrance, and resting here should reset the Cave Moss in each location. Grabbing several pieces of Cave Moss, especially before entering a poisonous area, can make a significant difference. 

Cave Moss is needed to craft Staunching and Neutralizing Boluses, which can easily save your life in dire situations. Staunching Boluses stop blood loss while Neutralizing Bolusesstop poison build-up and cures the poison ailment. Check every cave you come across for Cave Moss to ensure you always have it when needed. Its also beneficial to grab almost every resource you encounter as it likely is needed to craft at least one useful item.