New Capcom trademark hints of continued esports push

The Capcom Cup is quickly becoming a fixture of the esports calendar.

Image via Capcom

The Capcom Cup is quickly becoming a fixture of the esports calendar. Now, the makers of Street Fighter appear to be doubling down on its esports push with the “Capcom Fighters Network.”

Fighting games news staple EventHubs recently discovered a trademark filing by the Japanese game maker for something called the “Capcom Fighters Network trademark,” filed on April 1 in Japan and April 2 in the United States. While the true nature of the project remains nebulous, the filing itself provided several hints regarding the intended functionality of the service.

It features several passages that hint at a combination social-network and ranking system for Capcom fighting games. Registration 86585085 specifically delineates a “computer program” for sharing images, videos, rankings, and scores.

The filing also mentioned the capacity to coordinate “game tournaments, leagues, and tours for recreational computer game playing purposes.” The Web-based portal would apparently allow tournament organizers and participants to conduct competitive activities within Capcom’s online ecosystem.

Whether the system will piggyback off of Capcom’s Pro Tour remains unclear. But the all-in-one system for sharing video, coordinating tournaments, and establishing player rankings seems a sure bet to further Capcom’s esports efforts upon release.

H/T EventHubs