Can you pet dogs and other animals in Fire Emblem Engage?

But they're so cute.

Image via Intelligent Systems

Fire Emblem: Engage has made its way onto shelves and gives fans of the series an addition worth pouring hours into. This iteration brings a ton of features for gamers to enjoy and it delivers on all the essentials, like pets.

Admirers of the tactical RPG series have waited almost four years since Fire Emblem: Three Houses was released for the next step in the franchise.

Pets are one of the features available in Fire Emblem: Engage, and there’s a wide selection of companions that you can spot around the map. While there’s been a massive improvement in certain aspects of the franchise, there’s always something that gets left by the wayside—the question is, did petting animals make it in?

Can you pet animals in Fire Emblem: Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage Sommie
Image via Intelligent Systems

This, unfortunately, isn’t one of the improvements the developers have introduced. The inability to pet animals has been around for a few iterations, and this title is no exception. You’re able to marvel at their cuteness all you want, however, petting that adorable dog is inconceivable in the world of Fire Emblem. You can look, but don’t touch.

For those of you wondering, here’s a list of all the animals you can’t touch:

  • Elyosian Sheep
  • White Hop Rabbit
  • Hop Rabbit
  • Eastern Freecat
  • Western Freecat
  • Southern Freecat
  • Northern Freecat
  • Solmic Cat
  • Panna Camel
  • Elyosian Pigeon
  • Elyosian Seagull
  • Elyosian Dog
  • Black Elyosian Dog
  • White Elyosian Dog
  • Tartu Flamingo
  • Firenese Cat
  • Calisson Chicken
  • Mère Donkey
  • Aura Eagle
  • Rutile Marmot
  • Iris Owl
  • Vervain Deer
  • Brodian Cat

The next installment in the franchise, with any luck, will have this feature at the top of their priorities list. Otherwise, the community will riot, and the animals won’t want that.