Brokenshard joins challenger side SK Gaming Prime

Visa issues have brought about yet another League of Legends player movement

Image via Team Dignitas

Visa issues have brought about yet another League of Legends player movement.

Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal of Israel had joined American esports organization Complexity to compete in the League Championship Series as part of their League of Legends team. But as now seems a common occurrence among League of Legends players attempting to arrange their stay in the United States, Djemal was made the victim of visa issues.

After a trip back to his native Israel to relieve the problems with his visa did not bear fruit, Djemal was released from Complexity. At the time, a disappointed Djemal said that “retirement was a possibility.” But things have since changed.

Djemal was approached by SK Gaming Prime manager Joe “Inner Flame” Elouassi about bringing his jungling talents to the German organization. Djemal was then brought in on a trial basis to compete with the team in the Solomid Invitationals. Both sides were pleased with the results, and Djemal has now accepted a permanent position with the squad.

“What we wanted was a vocal jungler with experience and high mechanical skill. When I heard about Ram’s situation with (League Championship Series) and his visa issues, I thought he could potentially be exactly what we were looking for,” Elouassi said in a statement.

After seeing his play with the team, Elouassi noted that “we unanimously agreed that he brings even more than what we expected.”

Djemal was equally impressed with his new teammates.

“I came in with very little expectation, but … I could see untapped potential and ridiculous amounts of motivation and drive for success,” Djemal said.

To make room for Djemal, SK Gaming Prime will be parting ways with their previous jungler, Berk “Gilius” Demir.

“Unfortunately we felt that (Demir) needs some more experience combined with his excellent mechanical ability,” Elouassi said.

Djemal will begin play with the team immediately as they continue in the Solomid Invitational and the Dailymotion Challenger Cup.