Brawl Stars update to introduce new Brawler, skins, and environment

The update will drop soon.

Screengrab via Supercell

In yesterday’s episode of “Brawl Talk,” Supercell showed fans what they can expect from the upcoming update to Brawl Stars.

A release date for the update hasn’t been revealed yet, but the Brawl Stars Twitter account said that it’s “right around the corner.”

The main highlight of the update is Retropolis, a completely-new area in Brawl Stars that has a neon-like vibe to it. It’s where the “cooler” Brawlers (the ones with leather coats) hang out.

Retrolpolis will have all the familiar brawlers and also a new one: Bibi. Bibi is the newest Brawler and she wields a baseball bat. Bibi has three swings with the bat, which have a low range and deal damage in a cone-shaped area in front of her.

Bibi also has an extra ability. When she’s not using her baseball bat, an additional bar charges after which her next attack will knock back enemies a certain distance. Bibi can be tried right away in the training cave after the update drops.

Just like with every update, some cool skins will be introduced. Three new skins will be dropping: Hot Rod Brock, Rod Rage Carl, and Baking Sale Barley. And in celebration of the two-year anniversary since the soft launch of Brawl Stars in Canada, Canadians can expect an additional new skin: the Maple Barley.

Going with the Retropolis theme, new environments will be coming to the Gem Grab, Heist, and Bounty modes. New maps will also be available for all modes. Just like before, these new maps will be ones designed by the community.

Some balance changes, new objects, and club mail, a heavily-requested feature by many players, will also be added in this update.