Blizzard finally listens to WoW PvP community, will update PvP gear vendor

Blizzard gained a lot of PvP fans today.

Screengrab via World of Warcraft

In an unprecedented move, Blizzard has finally catered to its PvP community and listened to feedback for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft.

After announcing the PvP gear acquiring method last week in a developer update, Blizzard came under fire from notorious PvP members of the community. They expressed their disagreement with the way Blizzard is going currently and offered a couple of solutions to improve how PvP players will acquire gear to ensure that they don’t have to play PvE to be competitive.

Blizzard came up with an update recently, saying that the feedback had been heard and they will deploy some improvements.

“First, we’re shifting the stat distributions on Conquest gear to always include Versatility,” community manager Kaivax said. “This will ensure that every PvP player has access to the most important PvP stat on every gear slot, Versatility, which increases damage done and reduce damage taken.

Developers were also adding two-piece set bonus that would activated by equipping two PvP trinkets. The bonus from this increases the damage and healing benefit of Versatility.

The Conquest PvP gear vendor will not offer every combination of stats. But that’s also just the nature of WoW, sometimes you need to do other activities outside of PvP in order to obtain best-in-slot gear. These changes were praised by members of the community, saying the direction Blizzard is taking is the best done in 15 years.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands will arrive on Oct. 27.