BioShock: The Collection is free on Epic Games Store

Relive the classic critical hits without spending a single dollar.

Image via 2K Games/Take-Two Interactive

The Epic Games Store MEGA Sale event has gone into the second week of its 2022 runtime, bringing with it another free game for anyone on the platform to claim. Critical darling BioShock: The Collection takes to the stage this time around, composed of all three games from the franchise: BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered, and BioShock Infinite: Completed Edition.

To claim BioShock: The Collection, simply head to the Epic Games Launcher and scroll down through the Store tab, where you will eventually arrive at the section highlighting the event’s free games. The current game to claim rotates every single week for the sale’s runtime, giving users one week to add each game to their library before it’s replaced by the next offer. BioShock: The Collection will be available for free until June 2 at 11am CT. If a trip to the dystopic depths and heights that the RPG franchise has to offer interests you, make sure to set aside the minute you’ll need to claim it before you forget.

This is the second free game of the sale, with the first being Borderlands 3. The games that will be featured in this promotion are never announced ahead of time, each hidden behind a ‘mystery game’ icon on the store until it’s time for it to rotate in. Based on the caliber of the games offered so far, consumers will want to keep an eye on this space every week to not miss out on some major money-saving opportunities on big-budget titles.

Aside from the free games, the annual Epic Games Store MEGA Sale also features large discounts on the majority of products, as well as additional coupons to be obtained that can shave an additional 25 percent off of any purchases made on the store above $15. The sale started on May 19 and it will conclude next month on June 16.