Best small forward builds in NBA 2K22

Although small, it’ll help you run forward.

Image via 2K

Creating the perfect MyPlayer is no easy feat. And if you want to be competitive in NBA 2K22, it’s imperative that you do your best at maximizing what your player can do. 

Since its release on Sept. 10, NBA 2K22 players have been looking for the best position to have their MyPlayer play in, as well as the perfect build. A lot of players have found that small forward is one of the best options to start with. 

If you want to create the best small forward possible, here are a couple of builds that we think will help you excel. Each build is suited for the type of player you want as well.

Best small forward builds in NBA 2K22

There are a few ways to go about a small forward build. Here are five builds suited for different types of play. A lot, if not all, of the builds have a basis on good solid fundamental defense, with some builds giving you more bang for your buck than others in that regard. 

2-Way 3PT Shot Creator

Maybe you aren’t looking to manage the court and you’d just prefer to have a good reliable defender on your side who can also knock down shots from beyond the arc on a consistent basis. That’s where this build comes in.

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 180 LBS
  • Wingspan: 85.0”
  • Build: 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator
  • Primary Takeover: Limitless Range
  • Secondary Takeover: Enhanced Jumpshop Contests.

2-Way Slasher

Think of this role as a fill player who’s able to “slash” and cut to the basket, leading to fast breaks and the like. Add in the fact that he can defend anywhere on the floor on defense—even a full-court press—and this is a great build for the more scrappy player. This build is meant to allow you to cover any holes and make your player a nightmare to play against. 

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 178 LBS
  • Wingspan: Max Wingspan
  • Takeover: Slasher

Playmaking Shot Creator

Lakers LeBron meets Heat LeBron, at least that’s what we’re going for here. This build can shoot deep threes—like LeBron’s patented ones—get dunks through contact, dribble the ball efficiently, create time and space for plays, and will play suffocating defense. If you’re a huge fan of LeBron and his play, this is the build you want to choose.

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 260-265
  • Wingspan: 85.2”
  • Takeover: Post Scorer

Point Forward

Although it’s not as prioritized as other builds in the game, the Point Forward can be a sneaky catch for anyone looking to have high scoring and good defense. This build will allow you to score from anywhere—from three, mid-range, and inside. What’s not to love? This is all while keeping your defenses and playmaking abilities high. Think of Kawhi Leonard, for example.

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight 175 LBS
  • Wingspan: 86.0”
  • Build: Point Forward
  • Takeover: Lockdown Defender

Facilitating 3-Level 2-Way

If you want to be more well-rounded and good or solid at everything, look no further than the Facilitating 3-Level 2-Way. You’ll be able to shoot from outside with ease, with inklings of an older LeBron to boot in the rest of your skillset.

  • Height: 6’9”
  • Weight: 225 LBS
  • Wingspan: 84.0”
  • Build: Facilitating 3-Level 2-Way
  • Primary Takeover: Spot Up Precision
  • Secondary Takeover: Negative Impact