Best keys for all maps in Escape from Tarkov

The game's so hard, we have to make it easier.

Image via Battlestate Games

Come one, come all. For all Escape from Tarkov players, the game can be incredibly challenging and is literally designed to make your gaming life harder, but it’s just so good.

For new players and experienced veterans, a list of all the reserve keys available will no doubt be of service. 

Tarkov is a brutal shooter, featuring PvP environments, forcing players to consider how much they carry, what they loot, and the best routes to go through in order to complete objectives. In particular, keys are an incredibly powerful tool for experienced players, guaranteeing loot in your raids. These keys also increase your chances of survival by unlocking new paths or extractions throughout the maps—but, of course, be careful how many you take into any raids.

Escape from Tarkov keys can be a sound investment due to their popularity. If you’re new to a map, make sure you choose your keys carefully. 

Best keys for every map in Escape from Tarkov

Best keys for Reserve

  • Marked Keys (RB-BK and RB-VO)
  • RB-AM
  • RB-PSP1
  • RB-PSP2
  • RB-PS81
  • RB-PS82
  • RB-TB
  • RB-ST
  • RB-SMP

Best keys for Shoreline

  • Key with Tape (East Wing Room 110)
  • Key to Help Station Storage
  • East Wing Room 310 Key
  • West Wing Room 301 OR 304 Key
  • West Wing Room 216 Key 
  • Cottage Back Entrance Key
  • Cottage Safe Key 

Best keys for Custom

  • Marked Key (Dorm Room 314)
  • Dorm Room 110, 114, and 105
  • Dorm Room 204 and 214
  • Factory Key
  • Gas Station Storage Key & Cabinet

Best keys for Lighthouse

  • Merin Car Trunk Key
  • USEC First and Second Safe Key
  • Rogue USEC Stash Key and Workshop Key

Best keys for Interchange

  • KIBA Store Key & KIBA Grate Key
  • Ultra Medical Storage Key
  • Object #21WS Keycard
  • Pharmacy Key

Best keys for Lab

  • Lab. Red Keycard
  • Lab. Key. Manager Office

Best keys for Woods

  • Shturman Key 
  • ZB-014

Best keys for Factory

  • Factory Exit Key
Image via Battlestate Games

There you have it: every caliber of player can benefit from a good list. Hopefully, this helps you keep the more important keys in mind during your next Tarkov raid.