Best characters in Mario Strikers Battle League

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Image via Nintendo

Mario Strikers Battle League features a roster of 10 characters, each with a diverse skillset that fits a specific role. Each character is defined by their unique Hyper Strike, in addition to their basic attribute ratings for strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique.

Each character’s attribute set fits a certain role, whether it be an attacker or a defender. Experimentation over time will give you an idea of what compositions are the most successful, but to start out, we’ve ranked all 10 characters and put them into tiers. And yes, we put four in the S tier so you can have a full team.

Here’s our tier list for the best characters in Mario Strikers Battle League.

S tierRosalina, Yoshi, Waluigi, Donkey Kong
A tierBowser, Peach, Wario
B tierMario, Toad, Luigi

S tier: Rosalina, Yoshi, Waluigi, Donkey Kong

Image via Nintendo

Rosalina is the premier scorer in Mario Strikers Battle League and a necessary part of any attacking front line. She has one of the highest-scoring abilities, she’s got the strength to withstand poor tacklers, and she has the highest technique attribute of any top scorer, making her shots even more unstoppable.

Yoshi’s shooting and passing prowess mean he can succeed up front next to any other attacker. His high ratings mean he’s an option to shoot or pass, depending on the situation.

Waluigi’s combination of speed and strength makes him a fearsome defender. He can close the distance between himself and attackers quickly and hit them with a punishing tackle. His high technique also makes him a more viable option for the Hyper Strike shot taker.

Donkey Kong is another excellent defensive choice. While he doesn’t have Waluigi’s speed, he has the same tackling prowess and high strength, and his passing game lets him make long-range passes to jump-start a counter-attack or flip the field.

A tier: Bowser, Peach, Wario

Image via Nintendo

Bowser and Wario are cut from the same cloth: strong tacklers with incredible shooting power, but lacking in speed and technique. Both fit an ultra-aggressive style that rarely sees the ball end up in your own half.

Peach is the opposite. She’s a speed and technique expert who can master dribbling and evasiveness but is one of the last people you want shooting. Her passing is solid enough for her to be a player that can set up others to score, though.

B tier: Mario, Toad, Luigi

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Mario and Luigi are both solid all-around players who don’t really excel in any attribute other than technique. Neither is particularly fast or strong, with Mario being an above-average shooter and Luigi being a capable passer.

Toad’s only positive is his speed, and he’s an OK passer. He’s easily knocked off the ball and he’s not a reliable shooter.