Battlefield Portal includes factions and soldier archetypes from previous titles

Get ready for chaotic custom games.

Image via DICE

Battlefield Portal, the community-driven platform included with Battlefield 2042, will allow players to create custom game modes and experiences using assets from previous games like factions and soldier archetypes. 

Battlefield Portal was officially revealed earlier today and players got their first look at what the new platform will include. Players can create custom experiences using assets from Battlefield 2042 and several previous titles. Players can expect maps and weapons from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 to appear in Battlefied Portal. 

But weapons and vehicles aren’t the only assets making another appearance from these previous games. Players will also be able to use factions and soldier archetypes in Battlefield Portal. This means players can set a 1942-era team against a futuristic 2042 enemy to create a chaotic and unique experience. 

Previous archetypes like the Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon roles featured in Battlefield 3 will be available in Battlefield Portal, too. This means players can recreate their favorite archetypes and set them against archetypes from other titles. Players can even expect over 40 weapons, more than 40 vehicles, over 30 gadgets in Portal, meaning the potential classes are endless. 

The new weapons, vehicles, and features introduced in Battlefield 2042 will be available in Portal, bridging the gap between classic gameplay and exciting new content. 

Fans can expect updates to Battlefield Portal since it will be supported by Battlefield 2042’s live service. If any veteran players were still wondering if diving back into the series was a good idea, this should be more than enough to lure them back in.