Battlefield 2042 is now available for pre-load

Download the game early to avoid wasting time.

Image via DICE

Battlefield 2042 is just around the corner and fans who pre-ordered the game can now pre-load it on all platforms. 

Battlefield fans are excited to dive into Battlefield 2042, the upcoming title that takes players to a not-so-distant future where natural disasters ravage the world. The game promises the iconic large-scale battles the series is known for alongside a new intense Hazard Zone game mode, where players must gather Data Drives and escape. Fans can also enjoy the community-driven Portal platform, allowing players to create their own experiences using assets from several Battlefield titles. 

All of this exciting content has players anxiously waiting to get into the game—and that time is almost here. Battlefield 2042 is coming on Nov. 19, but fans can get ahead of the curve by pre-loading the game now. The Battlefield website confirms pre-loading is available on all platforms, allowing players to download the game early and jump straight into the action at release. 

Players can also enjoy the game early if they pre-ordered certain versions of Battlefield 2042. Gold and Ultimate Edition owners and EA Play Pro members can enjoy the game via early access starting on Nov. 12. Players with EA Play, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can also enjoy 10 hours of early access.

Don’t worry if you haven’t bought Battlefield 2042 yet, though. The game will be available for everyone on Nov. 19.