Art imitates life: GTA Online introduces strikingly familiar ‘chaotic conditions’ in The Criminal Enterprises update

Time to get out the big guns, folks.

Screengrab via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V released nearly a decade ago, and the game continues to have a thriving population. The reason for that can majorly be attributed to the multiplayer online scene of the game.

GTA Online was soon released for the game, and constant updates throughout the years have kept the online sphere of the game booming. The game’s newest update was announced in an article on Rockstar Games’ website today, July 21.

The latest update, titled “The Criminal Enterprises,” brings about a host of new missions and upgrades to the game due to the San Andreas Economy being in ‘crisis”, leading Executives, Bikers, Nightclub Owners, and Gunrunners to take advantage of the “chaotic conditions,” which include spiking gas prices, a heatwave, and majors issues in the supply chain.

The update also includes “significant expansions to business prospects for Criminal Careers, plus new, elaborate Contact Missions with players operating as a sworn-in agent for the IAA,” states the article on Rockstar’s website.

Rockstar promises that The Criminal Enterprises “grows and evolves the world across all platforms.” They go on to state that “all Business activities — including Sell Missions — will now be available to play in private (Invite Only, Crew, and Friends) sessions as part of The Criminal Enterprises.”

Executive Office owners will notice the new staff manager Lupe who will “help source additional Special Cargo for your empty shelves.” Two new sources of Special Cargo are going to be added to the array of Source Missions, as well as a shipment of Special Cargo that arrive every day outside your Warehouse.

The update also brings an on-the-house upgrade for Bikers with Clubhouses that possess the Custom Bike Shop. “MC Presidents will be able to modify clients’ bikes to specifications and deliver them to customers for GTA$ and RP.” Bikers will also be able to complete two new Clubhouse Contracts, and a Bar Resupply mission will have you “earning a little extra income for your MC.”

For the Gunrunners, two Resupply missions have been added in, and players will be able to call Agent 14 from the road to increase their research progress through a well-armed mark. Players will also be able to create an additional source of revenue by making daily deliveries to a designated Ammu-Nation store.

Nightclub owners can now call Tony to launch Club Management missions, with two new Club Management missions being added to the mix. Inside your club, players will be able to “maintain the vibes by ejecting troublemakers and chaperoning passed-out VIPs to safe locations off-site.”

Additionally, The Criminal Enterprises will let you drive brand-new vehicles with special upgrades, go undercover in a special mission called Operation Paper Trail, while also giving players increased payouts among a host of other improvements.

The Criminal Enterprises launches on July 26 across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC in GTA Online.