Are SMITE servers down? Here’s how to check

The battleground of the gods may be closed for maintenance.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Around 2014, when MOBAs were slowly taking over the gaming world, a new competitor rose from the shadows with its unique take on the genre. Players get to control their characters with a bird’s eye view in League of Legends and Dota 2, which makes them play similar to Starcraft.

SMITE’s unique behind-the-character third-person camera angle makes it feel like players dive deep into the action, and it separates the game from its competition. Though SMITE lost the popularity battle, it still has a core player base that grows slowly but surely.

There are still seasonal events that cause the player count of the game spike, even causing server issues during the processes. Stable titles like SMITE usually have a rough estimate of how much server capacity they need, and sudden surges in the player base can prevent players from logging into SMITE or experience delays during gameplay.

The biggest giveaway of servers going down can be high ping values, excessive lagging, and packet loss. These symptoms can also indicate that there may be something wrong with your connection. Checking if it’s the game’s servers that’s been giving you the run around will ensure that you don’t waste any time trying to fix a problem that wasn’t there, to begin with.

Here’s how you can find out if SMITE’s servers are down or not.

How to check the server status of SMITE

SMITE devs are usually relatively quick to let their players know whether something is wrong with the servers. If you’d like to stay one with the community, you can join SMITE Discord servers, the official forums, or community hubs like Reddit. Thousands of other players who may be having server troubles as you will be creating discussions to see if they’re the ones with server issues.

For a definitive answer, you can check out Hi-Rez Studios’ official server status website, which showcases whether all of their servers are operational or not. Downdetector is another alternative website that pretty much does the same thing, but with user-driven data. You can even see players reporting issues in the comment section.

Following SMITE on social media will also keep you up-to-date with server downtimes and maintenance periods when the game would be offline.

What can you do if the SMITE servers are up but you can’t login?

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Being the only member of your SMITE squad that can’t connect to the game may feel like you’re missing out on the fun. If the servers are up and functioning well for other players, it means that there may be something wrong with your internet connection. Make sure that there aren’t any updates that you skipped on downloading before attempting any of the fixes below.

Reset your router

Even if your internet doesn’t have any speed-related issues, there may just be something wrong with the connection route between your house and SMITE’s servers. This route is handled through your internet service provider (ISP), and even if the odds are low, you can always get a faulty one.

Resetting your modem will assign you a new route, mostly a better one, which can get you right back inside SMITE.

We also recommend restarting your PC and console to make sure you get a fresh start. Resetting your gaming device will ensure that everything is operating as it should be.

Change your DNS

DNS is another aspect of your connection that’s handled by your ISP. You can change this manually, but most users just stick to their local servers since they’re the default ones. Like everything else related to your connection, even these local DNS servers can crash or require maintenance from time to time.

This will cause your internet connection to struggle and possibly prevent you from logging into SMITE. Try out some of the more commercially available DNS servers like Google or OpenDNS to rule out the possibility of a faulty DNS server ruining your day.

Try connecting your PC/console to your router with an ethernet cable

As convenient as it can be, Wi-Fi is far from being the optimal connection solution for gaming. Weak Wi-Fi signals may cause you to have connection issues, making it almost impossible to sign into SMITE.

Try using an ethernet cable to see if it makes any difference, and if it does, it’d mean that your Wi-Fi was the source of your problem. In any cases where using an ethernet cable isn’t an option, you can try out getting your router and gaming device closer to each other.

When moving any of them isn’t possible, you can try your luck with Wi-Fi extenders or a more powerful router that can put out stronger Wi-Fi signals.

Call your ISP

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

As an end-user, you can only see so many details about your connection. Your ISP will be able to take a closer look at values regarding your connection status. Give them a call and explain your situation alongside the fixes you’ve tried to fix the problem.

Any operator that understands what you’re dealing with can get to the bottom of your problem and possibly fix the issue for you. Your ISP can also send in a crew if there’s something wrong with your cable work, which is a permanent fix for any infrastructure related connection issues.

Contact SMITE’s customer service

If your ISP firmly believes that your connection is in top shape, it may be time that you open a support ticket to SMITE. Provide as many logs as possible and explain the fixes you’ve tried out thus far.

Support specialists can examine the SMITE server closest to you and see what goes wrong when connecting to the game. They may even roll out a tiny patch to their servers so you can get to enjoy SMITE as soon as possible. These specialists should also guide you through any solution method that they believe may fix your problem, so it’s never a bad idea to introduce them to the equation.