Are Elden Ring’s servers down? Here’s how to check

Elden Ring's servers have gone down a couple times while FromSoftware fine-tunes its systems.

Image via FromSoftware

New games having server problems is a situation that many players are used to. The recently released Elden Ring is no exception to this rule. The game’s servers have already gone down multiple times for maintenance, and now, FromSoftware is planning a new stretch of outages. While the devs work on the game, multiplayer functions will be unavailable.

The game has had a peak of 800,000 players on Steam alone, according to Steam Charts, making it the most played Souls game on PC by a wide margin. It makes sense that the servers might have trouble with the volume of players in The Lands Between playing together. Before a recent patch, some Xbox players weren’t able to play Elden Ring multiplayer at all.

To check whether the Elden Ring servers are online, you should first consult the game’s official Twitter account. This page is where FromSoftware will post any updates about the server status and planned outages. The devs, for example, recently posted about an upcoming server outage to improve some of the game’s multiplayer functions.

The time the maintenance periods start and how long they last will vary depending on what service you play on. The good news is that the servers will only be offline for about an hour and may even be when you’re asleep, depending on the region.

For players on Steam, the maintenance period will be on March 1 from:

  • 5am to 6am CEST
  • 1pm to 2pm JST
  • 10pm to 11pm CT (Feb. 28)

PlayStation fans will have their server time down a little earlier on March 1 at around:

  • 3am to 4am CET
  • 11am to 12pm JST
  • 8pm to 9pm CT (Feb. 28)

For the Tarnished who play on Xbox, you can expect the Elden Ring servers to be down on March 1 from:

  • 4am to 5am CET
  • 12pm to 1pm JST
  • 9pm to 10pm CT (Feb. 28)

These server downtimes will only last an hour during the night or early morning for many places. Once this update is finished, it should resolve current multiplayer issues.

If you’re not able to connect to the server outside of these time ranges, consider checking Elden Ring’s Twitter. If there are no new planned outages, you should check your device’s internet connection and restart the game to be sure. 

If the connection is fine and you’re still unable to connect to Elden Ring’s servers, consider checking with BANDAI NAMCO’s support page, where you can also submit a request ticket to get help for your specific issue.