Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp fans reveal changes to Rover’s Garden Safari

The event is halfway through, and butterflies are changing.

Image via Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Rover’s Garden Safari event is well underway, and Nintendo has decided to change up how the game’s butterfly rewards work. Catch rates aren’t changing, according to a datamine posted on Reddit’s r/ACPocketCamp. But there are two new butterflies to catch, and it’s easier to get exclusive content by maxing out your request cycles. Here’s what you need to know.

Rover’s Garden Safari works by capturing butterflies and exchanging them for exclusive items themed around Rover the cat. For one, there’s now two new Rover Screens and a Rover Mug to earn. And the game’s two new butterflies, the Winter Butterfly and the Gold Winter Butterfly, can also be used to exchange for exclusive items at relatively low rates. Here’s what you need to know with both, according to the r/ACPocketCamp datamine:

Winter Butterflies

  • Rover’s Heater–10 Winter Butterflies
  • Rover’s Screen–20 Winter Butterflies
  • Rover’s Mug–30 Winter Butterflies
  • Rover’s Rocking Chair–40 Winter Butterflies

Gold Winter Butterflies

  • Rover’s Screen–10 Gold Winter Butterflies
  • Rover’s Counter–20 Gold Winter Butterflies
  • Rover’s Mug–30 Gold Winter Butterflies
  • 40 Leaf Tickets–40 Gold Winter Butterflies

As for gaining Gold Winter Butterflies, the more times a player goes through a full cycle of Rover’s tasks, the more likely they are to come across a Gold Winter Butterfly. With 13 requests per cycle, here’s your likelihood of grabbing a Gold Winter Butterfly:

Chance to Obtain a Gold Winter Butterfly

  • 1 Cycle–5.5 percent
  • 2 Cycles–49.66 percent
  • 3 Cycles–88.84 percent
  • 4 Cycles–98.82 percent
  • 5 Cycles–99.92 percent
  • 6 Cycles–99.99 percent
  • 7 Cycles–100 percent
  • 8 Cycles–100 percent

Remember, Rover’s Garden Safari ends Jan. 21, so if you want to take advantage of the event, it’s a good idea to start planting flowers sooner rather than later. And if you want Rover’s camper from the event, check out our guide to obtaining it here.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp