Among Us VR is coming to Meta Quest 2 holiday 2022

Time to get up close and sussy.

Screengrab via Game Awards 2021

Among Us VR is coming to Meta Quest 2 with a scheduled release date of this upcoming holiday season, Meta revealed during its 2022 Gaming Showcase today.

Players will be able to get sus together in VR on Meta Quest 2 later this year. The developers at Innersloth revealed a new look at gameplay of the backstabbing party game in virtual reality—and it looks just plain awesome.

Among Us VR is exactly that. It’s the same game fans grew to love in 2020, except now it’s all in first-person in virtual reality. The tasks are all there, as are the leftover corpses of teammates slain by the imposter.

You can even slam down on the emergency button in first-person view and look your opponent or teammate in their eye-visor to try and determine just exactly what they know or don’t know. It’s the experience fans love, only bigger and more personal than ever before.

It’s expected that Among Us VR will also be available on other VR platforms, such as PlayStation VR, and Steam VR, so the game could be a huge hit in the VR community when it hits stores later in 2022.

The trailer revealed that players can now wishlist Among Us VR on both Steam and Quest starting today.