Among Us adds Quickchat, bug fixes, and lower age gate in recent update

Communicating has never been easier.

Screengrab via InnerSloth

Among Us players can now use a Quickchat feature if they’re using text chat, multiple bugs have been fixed on every platform, and the age gate has been lowered to 13. 

Communicating with teammates in Among Us is an essential part of the game. Players must figure out who is the imposter and vote them off before they can kill crewmates. Communicating can be tough for players on platforms besides PC if they do not have a keyboard. 

The new Quickchat feature introduces a wheel of responses players can select to easily talk with their teammates. The options include Question, Accusation, Crew, Location, Response, Statements, and Systems. Players can select one of these options and type a short message to communicate faster and easier. 

Another recent update lowered the age gate to 13 to prevent younger players from making accounts. Among Us can get hectic in intense lobbies, which may result in inappropriate language for younger players.

Several bugs have also been fixed, including a blank screen when creating a new room, players unable to find lobbies in the public list, and desync issues when updating to the latest version of the game. 

The developers are aware of minor issues still impacting the game and have ensured fans they are working on addressing the problems. Fans can expect more updates soon.