All weapon Affinities in Elden Ring and what they do

Add bonus strength to your weapon to make it compliment your build.

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When you begin gearing up in Elden Ring you’ll want to make sure you’re taking the right weapons and items for your desired build, which you can do with the right affinity. Affinities let weapons deal unique damage while scaling off the user’s stats. This means a player could reach the minimum required stat to wield a weapon before altering its affinity to get the most value.

There are several affinities in the game all with slightly different effects. Here’s all you need to know so that you can gear yourself up the right way in Elden Ring.

All weapon Affinities in Elden Ring and what they do

Image via FromSoftware

There are 12 different weapon affinities in Elden Ring, each of which deals a unique kind of damage to foes. You’ll find Affinities on every weapon that you pick up, craft, or purchase in the game.

Here is a rundown on how each Affinities works.

  • Standard: The standard affinity is how weapons scale at default in Elden Ring. Its effects vary from weapon to weapon to compliment respective playstyles.
  • Heavy: Heavy weapons are perfect for those going for a brute force build as they scale best with the user’s Strength, however, this comes at the cost like all affinities by reducing its scaling with other attributes.
  • Quality: With the Quality affinity your weapon will scale with a balance of Strength and Dexterity.
  • Keen: The Keen affinity will scale best with Dexterity.
  • Magic: Having the Magic affinity means your weapon will boost with Intelligence while default scaling is reduced. Weapons with this affinity will be split with both physical and magic damage.
  • Fire: The Fire affinity will make a player’s weapon deal both fire and physical damage.
  • Sacred: The sacred affinity will see the damage of a weapon become physical and holy type.
  • Lightning: Having the Lightning affinity will pair best with intelligence and also see the weapon’s damage become split between physical and lightning.
  • Poison: As the name indicates, this affinity will make your weapon poison enemies. It scales best with strength, dexterity, and arcane.
  • Cold: The Cold affinity scales with Intelligence while also adding Frostbite to your attacks.
  • Blood: If you’re looking to bolster your Arcane offense you have multiple options. One of these is Blood which will add a bleed to your attacks.
  • Occult: The other option is Occult which, on top of scaling well with Arcane, will prevent undead enemies from automatically getting back into action.

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