All voice actors in Naraka: Bladepoint

You may recognize some of them.

Image via 24 Entertainment

Naraka: Bladepoint is one of the few battle royale games that feature voiced characters. Characters in battle royale games typically do not speak unless they are NPCs, such as Jonesy in Fortnite. Otherwise, they are silent. But characters in Naraka: Bladepoint are quite vocal and have well-known voice actors attached to them.

Naraka: Bladepoint has characters who shout catchphrases and lines during battle. If you hear a voice you think you’ve heard before, it’s because you probably have. Several well-known voice actors lent their voices to the game, like Aleks Le, known for his portrayal of Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer.

If you are looking for the Japanese voice actors, they have not been announced yet for the characters released after Beta. Those who are known are the voice actors for the first characters added to the game. Those below were revealed in a series of Tweets by the Naraka: Bladepoint Twitter account

We’ve gathered both the English and Japanese voice actors for the game below.

CharacterVoice Actor (US)Voice Actor (Japan)
WuchenAleks Le
Tarka JiChris Noaki LeeYūki Ono
MatariXanthe HuynhKana Ueda
TemulchGreg ChunTakuya Satō
Viper NingErika IshiiHiromi Hirata
Justina GuSumalee Montano
Takeda NobutadaDaisuke Tsuji
Valda CuiJudy Alice Lee
Yoto HimeFryda WolffShiori Izawa
TianhaiNoshir DalalMakoto Furukawa
KurumiAnne TacoJuri Nagatsuma
YueshanAndrew Kishino