All pre-order bonuses for Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Some pre-order items are still up for grabs on release day.

Image via Nintendo

Kirby and the Forgotten Land released today, and fans are looking to collect their pre-order bonuses as they start getting into the game. There were some physical and digital goodies for gamers to grab up before the game released.

The first and only digital reward players could get their hands on was a five-dollar discount offered by Amazon. In fact, those that order the game physically can still receive the discount, since it is going for $54.99 on the platform at the time of writing, after the game has released. The digital price for a Nintendo Switch code from Amazon is the standard $59.99.

Target is offering a first Kirby pouch with orders of the game and is handing those out until they run out. The advert doesn’t specify the game must be pre-ordered to get the pouch, which means that players can still grab up the cute little pouch while they’re still in stock at Target stores. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is currently sold out online.

On Walmart’s website, players can still grab the pre-order bonus Popsocket that comes with the online order of the physical game. The deal is online-only and will offer up the Popsocket until they run out. This was advertised as a pre-order bonus, but at the time of writing, players can still order it and get the Popsocket on the website.

Gamestop pre-orders don’t work the way many other retailers do pre-orders. To pre-order a game, players must go to the Gamestop store ahead of the release date and purchase a copy in-person. They were offering a limited edition pin set, but since the game has released, Gamestop is no longer offering the pin set as a bonus.

For those in the U.K., players who order the game directly from Nintendo can get their hands on a mousepad and magnet sheet, available while the bonus items last. Those who pre-ordered before March 8 got a notebook and sticker sheet set.

Amazon U.K. also had a magnet sheet for pre-orders, but it seems the bonus ran out before the pre-order window even ended. Now only the standard Kirby and the Forgotten Land version can be purchased.