All playable characters in Digimon Survive

Every character in this dangerous survival game.

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Digimon Survive is a unique entry to the Digimon series.

A visual novel game with a tactics-style battle system, Digimon Survive takes a very different approach from the previous Digimon games in the series by throwing in survival elements to the story, which branches out based on decisions. Certain bad choices might lead to different outcomes for the characters and eventually lead to one of four different endings to the story.

The cast of characters in Digimon Survive is also quite varied. Each of them is well-written with their anime archetype personality, but they are so much more than that. These characters are all children who have been struck by an unfortunate fate after getting taken to the Digimon world.

Everyone bands together with their partner Digimon trying to find a way out of the strange world they were transported to and attempt to survive the dangers of this land.

Here are all of the playable characters in Digimon Survive.

All playable characters in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive has players primarily take on the role of Takuma Momozoka, while occasionally stepping into the shoes of a few other playable characters and their partner Digimon. Each of these characters brings their personality and type of Digimon to the fold, specializing in different aspects. 

Some Digimon are hard-hitters, while others can support and heal the party. Each one of them is led by one of the characters.

Takuma Momozoka

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Age: 14
Partner Digimon: Agumon

Takuma is the protagonist of Digimon Survive and the character that makes all of the visual novel decisions needed to proceed through the game. The Karma system is directly tied to the decisions you make via Takuma and will influence the way the story goes forward. Takuma is a natural leader and with his partner Agumon, he will lead the rest of the cast to safety in a bleak alternate world.

Takuma is quite level-headed and is capable of making decisions while most of the main cast is either scared or irrational. His partner, Agumon, is perfect for Takuma, being headstrong and supportive of his actions while also being good-natured and helpful towards the rest of the characters. Depending on the choices Takuma makes throughout the game, Agumon can digivolve into a variety of different forms, thus changing his playstyle in battle.

Minoru Hinata

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Age: 14
Partner Digimon: Falcomon

Minoru is the light-hearted jokester of the group that likes to keep the atmosphere of the group positive. While this is one of his better traits, it does seem to make him not take a lot of things seriously, especially when the group falls into dire situations. This does allow for a nice dynamic between him and his best friend Takuma, making for some great and funny character moments in this dark game.

Minoru’s cheerfulness and upbeat attitude are a breath of fresh air amongst the worry and general unpleasantness that is prevalent throughout the story. His partner Falcomon is a perfect character foil to his carefree attitude by being an upstanding moral Digimon that takes things seriously. 

Despite his callous nature, he wants to become a brave hero like Falcomon and works toward it. The team of Minoru and Falcomon makes for a good combination in battle with Takuma and the other characters.

Aoi Shibuya

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Age: 15
Partner Digimon: Labramon

Aoi is the older sister-type character that watches over Minoru and Takuma. Her sense of responsibility and her level-headedness keeps her calm and vigilant in times of peril. She is gentle and wants everyone in the group to get along and with her background of being a class representative, she will mediate most forms of conflict that might occur.

Aoi has a perfect partner Digimon in Labramon because they share the same ideals. Labramon is fiercely faithful to Aoi, always sticking by her side and protecting her, sometimes from threats much bigger than herself. Despite her good qualities, she can sometimes be unreliable when she undergoes extreme emotional stress and Labramon is always by her side to calm her down.

Ryo Tominaga

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Age: 15
Partner Digimon: Kunemon

Ryo is a troubled child and due to the circumstances of his background, he is generally in a bad mood. He refuses to co-operate with most other members of the group and stays as a shut-in in most situations. Despite his tough, bitter attitude, Ryo is cowardly and wants nothing to do with the current situation of him being in this alternate world.

Ryo is easily scared and that extends to his partner Digimon, Kunemon. He is terrified of Kunemon and wants nothing to do with him. This is further exacerbated by the fact that Kunemon cannot communicate in a human language, further alienating the two. If Ryo is pushed too far in the story, it is possible that he can go down a dark path that does not end well.

Shuuji Kayama

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Age: 16
Partner Digimon: Lopmon

Shuuji is the oldest member of the group and acts as the older brother-type character in the story. Always prone to accepting more responsibility than he can handle, Shuuji can sometimes feel overburdened and end up succumbing to it. Despite being a capable leader, the pressure of the alternate world situation has caused him to crack on several occasions.

Shuuji’s fear of this world and the sense of responsibility he feels towards keeping everyone alive also conversely make him hate his partner Lopmon. Shuuji feels like Lopmon’s timid nature makes him a liability and refuses to ever acknowledge him. This makes Lopmon feel unwanted but he carries on due to this unexplainable connection that he feels with Shuuji and hopes that one day he can open his heart to Lopmon.

Saki Kimishima

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Age: 12
Partner Digimon: Floramon

Saki is a friendly girl that is often known as a straight shooter amongst her peers. This has led to some bad blood between her and her friends because her straightforward nature oftentimes ends up hurting their feelings. Despite this, Saki always remains cheerful and optimistic and surprisingly mature for her age at times, being the youngest in the group.

Saki’s friendly nature and goodwill rub off on her partner Floramon, who is unabashedly loyal to her. Floramon is also Saki’s biggest fan and will not tolerate anybody speaking rudely towards her or disagreeing with her. Unlike the other characters who are terrified of the real chances of death that may occur at any time, Saki’s optimism makes her believe that everyone will come out of this situation okay.

Kaito Shinonome

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Age: 14
Partner Digimon: Dracmon

Kaito was never a part of the group that came to the field trip but instead was a local of the area. He is well-versed in the area’s topography, dangers, and local myths, making him an invaluable asset to the team in general. Initially, he set out of his village to find his sister Miu who has a habit of getting lost while exploring.

Kaito ends up getting pulled into the alternate world with the rest of the group and his sister Miu during his search. He ends up meeting Dracmon and they quickly become good friends with each other. Dracmon’s mischievous nature is offset by his loyalty toward Kaito and he tends to get serious whenever Kaito’s obsession with his sister’s safety is triggered.

Miu Shinonome

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Age: 11
Partner Digimon: Syakomon

Miu is Kaito’s younger sister and tends to get herself in trouble often. She is inquisitive and a free spirit, usually going wherever her legs take her. Her wandering nature has led to a lot of stress for Kaito who is terrified of the fact that she might be getting bullied by older children. Her nature of speaking in riddles also tends to complicate conversations in general.

Miu’s wanderlust ends up with her getting dragged into the alternate world along with her brother and the rest of the group. Her partner is Syakomon, who is often lost in his own world and it falls to Miu to keep him grounded. Miu’s obsession with the occult has kept her relationship with Syakomon, who she believes is a Kemonogami, pretty stable and they keep each other safe from harm.

Non-playable characters

These characters are non-playable and nevertheless, important to the story. Each of them adds their perspective and is integral to the plot.


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Miyuki is the older sister of Haru and is one-half of the two mysterious siblings that the cast meets in the abandoned school camp. She is unnaturally quiet and is seemingly traumatized from a past event, leaving her in a semi-catatonic state, leaving her capable of only the most basic living functions.

Her younger brother Haru is responsible for her in most cases, leading her around and looking out for her well-being. Part of their mystery is knowing why the two siblings are even there in the first place, isolated from their family. Will you be able to solve their mystery and find out what their roles are?


Image via Bandai Namco

Haru is the younger brother of Miyuki and is the other half of the two mysterious siblings that the cast meets in the abandoned school camp. Even though he is younger than Miyuki and has a child-like appearance, Haru is incredibly calm and composed. He has a mysteriously mature demeanor at times, sometimes even saying things that most children his age would not, including a lot of cryptic dialogue at seemingly random moments.

Despite him being the younger brother, he is seemingly responsible for taking care of his older sister who is currently incapable of most cognitive functions, only barely responding and following Haru around.


Image via Bandai Namco

The unnamed Professor is a researcher who came to the same area in the real world as the main cast did, to research the myth of the Kemonogami. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in the lore of the Kemonogami and warns the children about the dangers of the ruins. When the main cast gets pulled into the alternate world, the Professor is dragged in along with them.

Despite not knowing much about their current situation, he helps the children as much as he can, leading them and motivating them to survive. He even protects them when they get ambushed by other Digimon, despite not having a partner Digimon of his own. He is brave but tends to bite off more than he can chew at times, leading to unfavorable situations down the line.