All of Atlas’ abilities in Smite

Prepare to wield the heavens.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

This past week one of the most anticipated gods in the history of Smite made his debut.

Atlas, the Titan of the Cosmos is now live.

Since Smite launched nearly a decade ago, one obvious choice has been missing from the Greek Pantheon. No longer will players have to dream of playing he who holds the heavens from the Earth. You can head into Smite now to take him for a spin.

You’ll likely be using Atlas the majority of the time in the support role. Atlas is a Guardian and while many like to take Guardians solo, you’re probably better off heading out with your duo partner. The majority of the Titan’s moves revolve around his passive ability, The Astrolabe.

The Astrolabe is the giant heavenly orb you see hoisted upon the back of Atlas in his splash art. Atlas uses his Astrolabe to store energy that is then used to power his other abilities. Some of Atlas’ abilities change based on whether he is holding or throwing his Astrolabe.

Needless to say, if you plan on taking Atlas out onto the battleground of the gods, you’ll want to make sure you’re more than familiar with his Astrolabe. Below you’ll see each of Atlas’ abilities as they’re presented in the Hi-Rez patch notes. Below each ability description, you’ll see how each one scales based on the Titan’s level.

You can head into Smite to test out all of these abilities for yourself right now.

The Astrolabe (Passive)

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Gravity Pull

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Kinetic Charge

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Gamma-Ray Burst (Ultimate)

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