All Minecraft MC Championship (MCC) All-Stars teams

All-stars are coming back to see who can shine the brightest.

Image via Noxcrew

The next Minecraft Championship (MCC) event is almost here, and it’ll be different than the previous ones.

November’s MCC will be featuring a team of All-Star players who’ve won at least one MCC event in the past. The level of competition is likely to be higher compared to the previous events since the rosters will be made up of players with experience in winning.

With a couple of weeks to go until the event, Noxcrew started announcing the teams which will be competing for that top spot in MCC All-Stars. Fans who can’t spectate the event can get the latest information regarding scores and placements on, and tuning into the admin stream during the early stages of the tournament will be the best way of following all the games until there are only a few teams left. Once that’s the case, it’ll be easier to switch over to players’ individual streams and experience the competitive environment from their point of view.

Here are all the teams in MCC All-Stars.

Red Rabbits

Orange Ocelots

Yellow Yaks

Lime Llamas

Green Geckos

Cyan Coyotes

Aqua Axolotls

Blue Bats

Purple Pandas

Pink Parrots

To stay up-to-date with MCC and learn all the latest developments right after they come out, make sure to follow the event’s official Twitter account. Dates for the next MCC, alongside all the details regarding the event, are posted there, and Noxcrew also uses the platform to share some of the best moments from each event. If there happens to be a delay or a change in an event, Twitter will also be the first place the organizers will use to let the fans know.

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